Digital RESI Investors Show Strong Interest in Therapeutics

23 Apr

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

RESI’s partnering platform is unique in its ability to filter and sort through investor and company profiles, allowing both companies and investors to find partners who are match for them. The partnering system increases the value for attendees participating in our events, eliminating wasted meetings discovering that you are not a fit for each other.

As an example, one of our fundraising CEOs, who has a blood-based technology in an orphan indication, asked us to look up investors who are interested in diseases affecting the blood, in combination with those investing in orphan diseases. At this up and coming Digital RESI event next week we found that of the 250 investors that 141 will look at investing in therapeutics treating diseases of the blood, presenting a terrific opportunity to connect with quite a few investors interested in that space. But there are subtleties here, because investors come in several flavors: those who are very specific in their investment interests, of which we found 37, and those who are opportunistic, 104 investors who seek compelling technology and look more broadly at the early technology assets that surface on their radar screen.

However, the benefit to companies improves greatly by employing the LSN Investor database in addition to participation in RESI events. Doing the same search in the Investor Platform yields 1439 investors interested in therapeutics treating blood diseases. It is even possible to narrow that down further, with a result of 311 investors that are interested in therapeutics treating orphan blood disorders. This kind of granularity is what makes LSN’s services so powerful, and so useful.

Trying to connect with investors? Register for our upcoming Digital RESI events and demo our investor database. Who knows what you will find?

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