Hot Investor Mandate: Western-Europe Based Private Wealth Firm Invests in Therapeutics & Digital Therapeutics, Most Interested in Oncology

14 May

A private wealth investment vehicle based in Western Europe is looking to invest in therapeutics companies as well as companies developing digital therapeutics or therapeutic-enabling technologies. The firm is primarily interested in early stage, pre-clinical breakthrough technologies and, especially for digital-based companies, capital efficient business models. While the firm has invested primarily within Western Europe up until now, The firm is willing to consider companies in other geographies if they find the technology compelling. For a first investment, the firm invests, on average, 2M, but can invest smaller or larger amounts, depending on the company and its needs.

The firm is looking for companies in the broader therapeutics space. The firm is interested not only in more traditional therapeutics technologies, but also in digital therapeutics and digital therapeutic-enabling technologies, drug development platforms, including digital and genomics-based drug development technologies, and in cell and gene therapy manufacturing technologies. The firm has historically invested primarily in technologies relating to oncology, but will consider any indication.

The firm takes an active role with the companies in which they invest. The firm frequently leads rounds, and supports and mentors the early stage companies, often either taking a board seat themselves or finding an expert to serve on the board.

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