Hot Investor Mandate: Asia Life Science Fund Looking Globally for New Investments

19 Aug

A venture capital firm based in Taipei makes venture stage investments solely in life sciences companies. The firm is currently investing from a US$35M private fund and a $50M government matching fund. Equity allocation size varies and can reach up to US$3M per deal. The firm is open to leading or co-investing. The firm focuses 30% on foreign deals and is currently seeking new opportunities.

The firm is focused on pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostic products, and medical instruments etc. The firm looks for companies with strong intellectual propositions that will develop unmet medical need products. The firm intends to explore joint venture opportunities with foreign companies that can integrate Taiwan’s competitive capabilities in manufacturing, clinical development, and regional sales/distribution.

The firm is looking for experienced management teams with strong sector expertise. For domestic deals, the firm seeks an active role in its portfolio companies and would require a board seat on a case-by-case basis. For foreign deals, the firm prefers to syndicate with a strong lead that can work with invested companies closely.

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