Hot Investor Mandate: Silicon Valley VC Invests in Data-Centric Healthcare

19 Aug

A venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley works closely with major incubators globally, through which they are able to identify high-potential, disruptive technologies. The firm is actively investing in early-stage companies and generally participates in Series A to B financing rounds. The initial size of investment depends largely on the company’s stage of development. The firm seeks investments globally.

The firm will consider opportunities in therapeutics, diagnostics, and digital health/healthcare IT. The firm is most interested in data-centric and enterprise technologies. The firm is agnostic to subsector and indication, but the firm will generally avoid medical device companies and early-stage therapeutics companies (i.e. those that take longer than 18 months to commercialize). That said, the firm may consider derisked assets or those that have an accelerated pathway to commercialization. Within healthcare IT technologies, the firm would like to see revenue-generating companies with good consumer traction.

The firm invests in both publicly traded and privately-owned companies. The firm is an active investor and will directly engage in the growth of their portfolio companies through a number of value-ons, including brand building, international expansion, talent recruiting, operation and technical guidance, etc. The firm need not have a fully established management team prior to investment.

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