Hot Investor Mandate: Life Science Venture Arm of Global VC/PE Group Invests in All Life Science Sectors With Strong Interest in IND-Ready Therapeutics

20 Aug

A group of globally acting venture capital and private equity firms with an operating track record of over 30 years manages multiple funds globally. The group’s Life Science Venture arm is looking to provide seed, venture and growth capital to companies in the life science space. The firm’s investment size is highly variable depending on the stage and financial needs of each company and the firm has no target number of investments it plans to make over the next 6-9 months. The firm is willing to consider investment located globally.

The firm is a dedicated provider of venture capital to the international pharmaceutical, medical technology and healthcare diagnostics industries, hence looking to invest in companies in sectors of Medical devices, Diagnostic Tools and Platforms, and Specialty Pharmaceuticals that are later stage with strong in human data (Phase IIb and III or on the market) and have very little regulatory risk. The firm’s most recent Life Science Venture Capital Fund is a venture capital fund registered in North America, which focuses on a new investment approach to developing pharmaceutical assets in a capital efficient fashion, to a human proof-of-concept in single asset companies  that are anywhere from 12-18 months to IND to proof of concept (Phase IIa). The fund is currently most interested in small molecule therapeutics or IND-ready biologics for indications of metabolic disease, diseases of the blood, inflammation, and oncology. The firm is also willing to invest in highly differentiated biological compounds if compelling opportunities arise. The firm is also less inclined to invest into orphan indications.

The firm’s requirements for management teams vary on a case by case basis and the firm is open to discussion in this area.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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