Hot Investor Mandate: USA Investment Firm Seeks Early-Stage Therapeutics in All Disease Areas, Involved in Direct Investment & Company Co-Creation

3 Sep

A USA-based investment firm is currently investing in early stage biotechnology companies and company creation/spinout/licensing opportunities from dedicated capital. These investments are typically standalone and/or syndicated with a network of investors that have invested with the firm in the past. The firm founds 1-2 companies per year by creating a company around an asset that they acquired or in-licensed. The firm also considers investments in 0-2 existing companies per year, which are typically early in the company’s development and/or follow-on investments. The firm invests globally but requires the company or development programs have a North America component.

The firm is a flexible and opportunistic investor and will consider any therapeutics area, primarily in specialty areas of medicine with a focus on niche areas of medicine and smaller indications, including rare orphan diseases. The firm focuses on drug development and makes occasional investments in therapeutic devices. The firm focuses on clinical stage drug development opportunities, but may consider earlier stage products if the drug is a repositioning/reformulation opportunity or has some human safety data in another indication and/or territory. The firm will generally focus on single therapeutic assets and avoids diagnostics, platforms, and computational biology companies that lack any drug assets.

The firm is open to both lead and co-investing depending on the opportunity. However, typically the firm will not be a lead on a large raise. If the firm creates the company they will be a very active, hands-on investor. The firm is open to investing in very young companies.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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