Hot Investor Mandate: USA Venture Capital Firm Invests Up to $5M in Novel Digital Health Technologies in USA & Canada

22 Oct

A USA-based venture capital firm with a single LP looks to make growth-stage investments in the form of preferred equity, ranging from $1M-$5M initially, with additional capital reserved for follow-on financings, typically up to $10M over the life of the investment. The firm usually leads rounds, but is also open to syndicating with other investors. The firm looks to do 2-4 deals a year, and invests in U.S. and Canadian companies. Prospective companies may have some business overseas as long as they are headquartered in the U.S. or Canada.

The firm makes about one-half of its investments in healthcare, and is open to any healthcare companies that do not require FDA approval for their product/service. However, the firm focuses on B2B-oriented healthcare services and healthcare IT solutions. Some of the firm’s recent healthcare investments include a mobile telemedicine triage service company that provides mobile diabetic retinopathy eye exams as well as an EMR system to help orthopedic surgeons increase productivity.

The firm typically looks for growing companies with a run rate of at least $1M or a signed contract that would put them at a $1M run rate. The firm has no strict requirements in terms of management team, and will work with first-time entrepreneurs. The firm looks to take a board seat along with an investment.

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