Start to Partner at Digital RESI November

22 Oct

By Karen Deyo, Senior Investor Research Analyst, LSN

Partnering for Digital RESI November launches next week, giving registered attendees access to RESI’s unique partnering platform. This platform allows attendees to filter search results with a high degree of precision.

At RESI, unlike other conferences, requesting a meeting with an investor does not require a company to spend most of the initial meeting finding out if they are a fit for the investor or not. Companies can easily winnow down to a list of investors who are interested in their sector, indication and stage of development before requesting a meeting, making it easier for them to identify investors who are a fit for them. Investor profiles are written by Life Science Nation (LSN)’s Investor Research team in a phone interview with each investor, as a requirement before registration.

With our transition to virtual events, the RESI Partnering Platform now has an integrated video conferencing system, allowing companies to simply log in to the platform and initiate their meetings through their schedule. Make sure to look at the tutorial video below, to see all the features offered by our system!


Digital RESI November partnering launches next week, but you can still sign up for the conference, taking place November 17-19, 2020 by visiting

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