Hot Investor Mandate: New Investment Firm Invests in Breakthrough Life Science Companies That Address Global Unmet Need, with Strong Russia Angle

10 Dec

A Russian venture capital firm manages a newly raised fund co-invested by the Russian Government. The firm focused mainly on Series A and B investments and a typical allocation is around $2 million. The firm is looking for investment opportunities and partnerships that would include a “Russian angle”, i.e. a certain part of development is to be carried out in Russia. The firm is looking to make 5 investments over the next year. Besides equity investment, the firm would consider local licensing opportunities for Russian/CIS market.

The firm focused mainly on breakthrough technologies in therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices and digital health sectors, addressing unmet medical needs in Russia and globally. Therapeutic indications of primary interest include oncology, inflammation, orphan, metabolic, cardiovascular, infectious diseases and pain management. The firm focuses on companies that already entered clinical stage. The firm prefers to work with therapeutics companies that are phase I and phase II of clinical trials but will consider pre-clinical stage companies as long as they have proof-of-concept and are ready to go to clinical stage. For medical devices, diagnostics, and medical IT, the firm prefers to work companies that are in clinical phase or on the market.

The firm is flexible regarding the management team experience, but the firm will only consider Russian-based companies or foreign companies that have (or are ready to have) Russia angles – companies that seek to conduct R&D in Russia, contract manufacturing, etc. When investing in Russia-based companies, the firm can lead the rounds and act as a value-added investor by providing their local resources, and the firm will seek to take a board seat on the company’s board on a case by case basis. The firm is open to syndication as well, especially when dealing with companies that are based outside of Russia.

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