Hot Mandate: Private Equity Subsidiary of European Banking Group Interested In Novel Digital Health, Including AI & Machine Learning Opportunities in Healthcare

29 Jan

The private equity subsidiary of a European banking group carries out venture capital, growth capital and buyout activities. The firm supports business leaders at all stages of their companies’ development, from seed phase to buyout, by providing them with the means and the time required to implement their transformational projects. Using its own funds (€3.0 billion), the firm makes investments tailored to the time horizons and growth strategies of the companies in which it invests, whether in France, Canada, the United States, Germany or Switzerland. The firm makes equity investments in progressive stages, ranging up to $10m and typically leads the round – although the firm is open to co-investing.

The firm is interested in all areas of technology, and devotes about half of its Fund to healthcare and the other half to the Digital sector covering IT, Telecom, etc. The firm is also interested in novel healthcare IT opportunities such as applications of AI and machine learning in healthcare. The firm seeks highly differentiated, disruptive technology; and does not invest in “me-too” products. 20% of the fund’s investments are in pre-revenue companies; 40% are in companies that are revenue-generating but not yet at break-even, and 40% are in profitable companies.

The firm seeks disruptive technology companies led by high-quality management teams, and prefers to work with managers who have had previous successes in technology start-ups. Additionally, the firm welcome the opportunity to co-invest with top tier investors. The firm will want to have a representation on the Board of Directors.

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