Hot Mandates: UK-Based non-profit organization

8 Feb

Based in London, the group is the largest membership-based non-profit organization in the world dedicated to finding a cure and improving life for everyone affected by Parkinson’s disease. The group originally focused on research grants, but is now implementing a venture philanthropy model with an evergreen structure that provides funding to biotech startups from an annual budget called the Virtual Biotech program. For 2019-2024, this program looks to invest about $30M into for-profit early stage biotech companies working on Parkinson’s therapies. The group does look for some type of return, but is extremely flexible with the size and structure of investments, ranging up to about $2M per company/project and may employ convertible notes, rights/options, capped royalties, etc. The group is primarily focused on companies located in North America or Europe and will co-invest with VCs and professional investors.

The group is exclusively focused on therapeutics companies working on drugs for treating/curing Parkinson’s disease. The group will fund projects that are targeting related neurodegenerative diseases that have potential in Parkinson’s or are pursuing Parkinson’s in parallel. Also, the group will invest in assets that are being repurposed for Parkinson’s. The group will invest from discovery up unto Ph. IIa clinical trials.

The group has no strict company or management requirements and will invest in early-stage project as well as established companies. The group may or may not seek a board seat along with investment depending on the stage and needs of the company as well as the level of involvement they look to play in the company’s development.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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