Hot Mandate: VC Invests In Tech-Based Digital Health or Diagnostics Companies With China Angle

1 Mar

Founded in 2002, a venture capital firm is looking to invest in tech-based digital health and diagnostics companies looking to expand to the Chinese market. The firm primarily invests in European companies but will consider US-based companies as well. The firm looks to leverage their connections in China and the Chinese market to help its portfolio companies, and usually invests between $2-10M in each company, taking a 15-30% equity stake. The firm prefers to be a lead investor, taking an active role in their portfolio companies and typically make 2 investments per year, depending on their fund cycle. In cases where the firm does not invest funds, they are also willing to offer consulting services for equity, connecting companies with strategic partners in China.

The firm has an additional partnership model that, instead of making direct investments, licenses technologies through a Chinese platform company, acting as a focused distributor for entry into the Chinese market. This is the firm’s alternate investment approach to bring these technologies to the Chinese market, by utilizing this Chinese platform company to serve as their portfolio company’s representative in China to navigate the regulatory environment and spearhead all of the sales and marketing.

The firm is interested in tech-based companies that are not consumer-focused, such as diagnostics tools or AI/machine learning technologies in the healthcare space. The firm has some experience with pathology and diagnostic-related companies but is willing to consider other areas as well. The firm prefers to invest in a few companies within the same area, choosing complementary technologies between their portfolio companies. The firm will consider companies with technologies that are in development or in pilot stages. The firm is an active investor and takes a board seat for every company in which they invest.

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