Hot Mandates: Texas-based Seed Fund

1 Mar

A seed fund founded in 2016 and based in Austin, TX. The firm has an initial fund of $20 million. The firm focuses in investing in women-led startups; the firm will only invest in companies that have at least 1 woman working full-time on the executive team. The firm typically makes seed investments of $500,000, with a majority of their capital reserved for follow-on rounds. The firm focuses on US startups but will also consider opportunities outside of the US with a US-based entity.

The firm invests in healthcare companies in which consumers are involved in the use of or purchase of the product or service. The firm does not invest in drugs, PMA devices or in purely B2B technologies. Areas of interest include wearable medical devices, software used by patients or their caregivers, products that support seniors in aging in place, and products for wellness and prevention of disease. The firm does not invest in products based on unproven science, and the company needs to be able to demonstrate that the product or technology improved clinical outcomes; however, the firm is open to investing in pre-revenue products.

The firm only invests in companies with at least one woman on the executive team. The firm will invest in companies that face operational risk, but not companies that face scientific risk. The firm would consider investing in digital health companies that have not yet conducted pilot studies with customers provided these companies have a strong IP position.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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