It Takes a Village

4 Mar

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

Life Science Nation (LSN)’s 4D Meets AI is taking a closer look at strategic partnerships March 18-19. The question kept coming up over the past several months, particularly with companies working with AI: What should early-stage fundraising companies be looking for beyond a check? Should they be prioritizing technology or team fit, market strategy, industry expertise, service provider connections, etc.? To answer these questions, we are bringing the buyers and sellers together to discuss these topics and more.

Each 4D Meets AI panel features investors in AI technology and their portfolio companies to discuss their process, from pitch to partners, in order that current fundraising executives can broaden their definition of what a successful partnership looks like and use it to inform their process. Additionally, Renee Yao, Global Healthcare AI Startups Lead at NVIDIA joins the program to showcase outstanding startups in the Inception accelerator, highlighting yet another style of partnership designed to support AI companies.

Early-stage entrepreneurship can be a challenging journey that truly takes a village of community support. 4D Meets AI is broadening the definition of what successful partnering looks like in order that fundraising executives can take advantage of the many relationships necessary for growth. We hope you’ll join us and lend your voice to the conversation!

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