Hot Mandates: Australia-Based Impact Investor

8 Mar

A newly founded investment firm based in Melbourne, Australia. The firm manages an open-ended, evergreen fund that focuses on life science investments. The firm invests in both early-stage and late-stage companies with a slight focus on the latter. In early-stage companies, the size of initial investment is between $1-5M. The firm is a provider of continuous capital and will continue to support portfolio companies through follow-on investments (provided milestones are met). The firm is open to global investments and does not require an Australia angle.

The firm invests broadly across the life sciences, including therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, digital health, and ag-bio, with 4 key investment themes that they closely navigate. The 4 themes are (1) personalized/precision medicine (i.e. NGS, big data), (2) infectious diseases and drug resistance (i.e. vaccines, anti-bacterials, rapid diagnostics), (3) “healthspan” (i.e. preventative and regenerative medicine, wellness, anything that slows the aging process, chronic diseases and age-related diseases), and (4) feeding the world (i.e. sustainable proteins, biological solutions for farmers, water and air purification technologies). The firm is stage agnostic and will consider technologies that are as early as pre-PoC.

The firm seeks to work with companies with innovative, highly disruptive technologies in the biotech/medical space. The firm is an active investor, meaning that the firm will work closely with portfolio companies to support their growth post-initial investment. The firm’s team has a broad range of experience in life sciences investments, funds management, international business development, etc., through which the firm provides strategic support. The firm prefers to lead and seek board representation, but this is not always the case.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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