Hot Mandates: New York-Based Venture Capital

23 Mar

Founded in 2019, the Venture Capital firm a space technology and human longevity-focused VC based in New York, USA. The firm had its hard launch in December 2020 at TechCrunch Sessions. The firm invests in Pre-seed, Seed, Seed+ companies at $200K with a possible follow-on of $400K and Series A & B rounds at $800K with a potential $1.6M follow-on. The firm will consider opportunities primarily in the Americas, UK, and EU. Also, the firm actively supports companies by providing connections to human capital providers, governmental entities, and suitable investors to help founders grow their business.

The firm will look at a broad spectrum of products and services within space technology and human longevity. The partners had previously invested in 20+ early-stage technology companies/ funds with active private deal-flow in the verticals of space, healthcare, and robotics. The firm is investing in biomarkers, diagnostics, digital health, and therapeutics (RX and OTC), dealing with the hallmarks of aging on the longevity side of things.

The firm will invest in privately held companies only and will participate as a co-investor. The firm prefers to invest in companies with at least three founders and will not invest in sole founder companies.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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