Hot Investor Mandate: Western Europe VC Firm Actively Seeking Medical Devices Addressing Cardiovascular & Neurovascular Diseases

25 Mar

A venture capital investment firm based in Western Europe. The firm is actively seeking medtech investment opportunities from Seed to Series B financing rounds, though the firm’s sweet spot is leading Series A investments. Initial check sizes can largely vary; the firm can invest anywhere from €1-5M, and seeks to invest €5-8M over the life of investment. With the current fund, the firm manages 5 portfolio companies, and seeks to invest in ~12 companies, for which the firm estimates 2/3 will be Europe/Israel-based companies, and 1/3 will be USA-based companies. Currently, the firm is not evaluating opportunities outside of USA, Europe, and Israel.

The firm is focused on investing in innovative medical devices that address cardiovascular or neurovascular disease. The firm does not invest in other sectors such as therapeutics, diagnostics, or digital health. Within medical devices, the firm is open to both pre-clinical (prototype) and clinical technologies. The firm has primarily evaluated PMA devices but is open to 510k regulatory pathways. The firm may consider other types of devices on a highly selective basis, but even such opportunities must have some connection or relevance to cardiovascular disease.

The firm prefers to lead investment rounds and seek board representation, though the firm can also co-invest alongside syndicates. Through the firm’s relationship with a large strategic platform, the firm is uniquely positioned to create value for their portfolio companies in the European market. Through this sister company relationship, the firm has access to a wide network including large hospitals, clinical sites, physicians, KOLs, etc. and can provide strategic advice on market strategy.

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