Hot Mandates: Foundation Focused on Investing

12 Apr

The foundation was founded in 2017 and looks to accelerate transformation in cancer research through research grants, venture investing, and company creation. The foundation has flexibility when investing and may offer support through a variety of mechanisms, depending on the stage and context of the startup and its scientific programs. The foundation generally invests in Seed to Series B rounds and will invest globally.

The foundation invests only in companies working on cancer, including therapeutics and diagnostics, that hold promise to improve outcomes for cancer patients. The foundation also considers investments aimed at applying a company’s existing technology or platform to the field of cancer. The foundation is especially interested in novel therapeutic targets and precision medicine approaches that have the potential to impact multiple cancer indications.

The foundation has no specific requirements for the company and management team. The foundation may co-lead investments, in which case they will require a board seat. In all other instances, the foundation requires a board observer seat and an SAB observer seat.

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