Hot Mandates: An Angel Group

3 May

An angel investing firm founded in 2017 is based in San Francisco with easy access to Silicon Valley. Since January 2017, the firm has invested in several life sciences companies and continues to actively

invest. Typical size of investment ranges from $25-75K, and the firm provides strategic advisory and resources in addition to capital. The firm is open to considering investments from all across the globe.

The angel group is most interested in consumer-facing medtech and digital health technologies, especially those with a user experience design element that enables patient empowerment. The firm is primarily open to investing in Class 1 and 2 medical devices (e.g. SaMD and 510K) and generally avoids Class 3/PMA programs. The firm’s current portfolio includes a monitoring system for pediatric asthma, a wearable for measuring continuous blood pressure, a patient journey support service for cancer patients, an extended duration urinary catheter, etc. In general, the firm does not invest in physician tools, surgical devices or biopharma therapeutics with the occasional exception of areas in which the firm principal has expertise, including respiratory drug delivery, COPD, and diabetes.

The angel group seeks to work with motivated and passionate management teams developing novel products in the life sciences space. Most importantly, the firm seeks to work with companies where the firm could be of most value and becomes actively involved in helping their portfolio companies grow. That said, the firm does not necessarily seek board representation. An important additional discriminating factor is the perceived integrity and humility of the key executives.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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