Hot Mandates: Corporate Venture Capital Of Chinese Pharmaceutical

11 May

The Fund is a subsidiary of a Pharmaceutical Group, a diversified enterprise group headquartered in China with an annual revenue of ~$600M. The Fund has a USA office in Los Angeles, CA. The parent company incorporates the following ecosystems:

(1) Commercialization Platform Ecosystem: The company operates as a commercialization platform in China for global high-quality pharmaceuticals, health brand operations, wholesale distribution, and retail. The firm has a strong marketing network of over 12,000 large and medium-sized hospitals and 300,000 pharmacies, as well as hundreds of upstream enterprises.

(2) Health Finance: The Fund seeks to incubate innovative businesses in the healthcare industry by providing financial capital and industrial support. The firm has invested in smart healthcare, diagnostics, R&D and manufacturing, etc.

The firm is open to global opportunities that have strong China market potential.

The Fund is currently focused on late stage investment opportunities and partnerships; in the life sciences, the firm is most interested in oncology/immuno-oncology therapeutics, diagnostics and tools, and technologies that integrate AI. Within therapeutics, the firm will consider various modalities including cell & gene therapy. The firm does not completely rule out early-stage opportunities, as the firm may consider investing in more early stages in the near future and are very keen to exploring novel technologies across all stages of development.

The Fund does not have very specific company or management team requirements, but does require that they demonstrate strong market potential in China, as that is where the firm’s primary business activities are based in. The firm is able to leverage their resources to provide companies with regulatory and commercialization support. The firm can act as either a lead or co-investor.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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