Hot Mandate: A Mid-East Based Family Office

25 May

The Family Office has an early pharma/biotech fund based in the Middle East. The fund is stage-agnostic, however the fund is fundamentally science-driven and considers mainly early pre-clinical and clinical-stage projects, preferably with POC validation.The fund investment size ranges widely from $0.5M – $20M and comes in the form of straight equity. The firm seeks board representation and is a very active investor, helping guide the company’s development and strategy. The firm invests globally and may lead investments, but typically co-invests in U.S.-based companies. The firm has no targeted number of investments per year.

The firm is open to both pre-clinical and clinical stage companies and is agnostic to technology type and indication. The firm has a specific interest in immuno-oncology, gene therapy, RNA/DNA based therapy and orphan or unmet medical need. The firm is only interested in first-in-class, breakthrough assets and does not consider re-purposed assets or iterative technologies.

The firm prefers to invest early and help take the company through a major inflection point. The firm has no specific management team requirements.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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