How to Optimize and Expedite Regulatory Approval with Amarex

27 May

By Elizabeth Murphy, Manager of Business Development, LSN

Amarex Clinical Research is part of the Digital Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) June Service Provider Showcase, and will be hosting a live workshop on Tuesday, June 8 at 12:30 PM EDT. Join President and CEO, Dr. Kazem Kazempour for the workshop, Approaches to Expediting U.S. FDA Submissions/Trial Initiations & Acceptance of Foreign Data by the U.S. FDA. Register for RESI June today and sign up to join this workshop and take advantage of Digital RESI June’s lineup of insightful investor panels and the premier match-based partnering system

Approaches to Expediting U.S. FDA Submissions/Trial Initiations & Acceptance of Foreign Data by the U.S. FDA

Dr. Kazem Kazempour, President & CEO, Amarex Clinical Research, LLC

Sponsors who submit investigational new drug (IND) or investigational device exemption (IDE) applications to the U.S. FDA receive many benefits for their clinical products. These include fast turn-around time from submission to trial approval, the ability to submit in parallel to regulatory agencies outside of the U.S., guidance from the FDA at no cost, access to accelerated approval pathways when applicable, and preparation for approval in other countries. Taking advantage of all available FDA approval pathways is a key factor in successfully expediting clinical product development. Once the FDA deems an IND/IDE as safe to proceed, effective clinical trial strategies that take advantage of all regulatory pathways are paramount to reducing time to market approval. Adaptive trial designs and parallel processes are major components to consider at the trial design and conduct stages. Non-U.S. generated clinical data is accepted by the U.S. FDA, but with provisions, and allows for starting trials in the U.S. at a later stage in the process. Acceptance criteria exist to help sponsors use clinical data from outside the U.S. and knowledge of practical issues, e.g., regulatory, logistical, scientific, and administrative, are essential.

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