Hot AI Mandate: Newly Formed US-based VC Focuses on Big Data Diagnostics

8 Jun

A recently formed venture capital firm focuses on the big-data aspect of personalized diagnostics. The firm is seeking early-stage companies raising seed to Series B rounds. The firm has a $200M target fund and seeks to make 15 –20 new investments within the year. The firm seeks to make $2M – $4M initial investments per company, but will make smaller initial seed investments. The firm prefers to be actively involved in their portfolio companies, and therefore prefers companies based near the west coast, though is open to other U.S.-based companies.

The firm is focused on early-detection diagnostics, such as discovering cancer when it is still monogenetic versus heterogeneous and already invaded in other parts of the body or detecting Alzheimer’s 8-10 years before dementia symptoms are present. The firm is interested in point-of-care diagnostics (for influenza A/B/bacterial, etc.) that can diagnose specifically and efficiently. The firm is especially interested in technology with a big-data component, and involved in genomics and personalized medicine to provide the right treatment as early as possible. The firm seeks preclinical to clinical-stage technology, though will also look later-stage depending on the opportunity.

The firm requires a smart management team that is diverse in knowledge, and a company with good IP that may come from a leading institution. The firm will usually seek early-stage companies with less than half a dozen people.

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