Hot Mandates: West-Coast-Based Angel Group

8 Jun

The group is an angel network based in California. The group makes investments across a variety of sectors, including technology and life sciences. Members of the fund invest individually, and therefore investments made by the group are highly varied in size but are typically in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, up to $1M. Investments are in the form of equity or convertible loans, and are typically provided in early venture rounds. The group invests in companies in the USA and Canada and will also consider opportunities outside North America on an opportunistic basis.

Within the life science space, the group invests broadly in healthcare IT, healthtech, diagnostics, medical devices and therapeutics. The group also invests in repurposed drugs and veterinary drugs. The group prefers to invest in companies that have at least developed a working prototype of their product and/or done animal trials.

The group seeks management teams with prior industry success. Additionally, the group prefers to make investments with reasonable horizons and is therefore interested in proposals that provide strong possibilities for exits in 5 years or less. The group will participate in seed, series A and occasionally Series B rounds.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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