Digital RESI by the Numbers

10 Jun

By Karen Deyo, Director of Investor Research, Israel BD, LSN

Life Science Nation’s (LSN) most recent Digital Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference is wrapping up today. Digital RESI June is proof that the digital model has worked and continues to add value to the early-stage fundraising ecosystem. This week’s event featured an exciting lineup of insightful panels with engaged audiences, live pitch sessions with eager and active investor judges, and educational workshops hosted by key industry leaders like the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The success of Digital RESI is never clearer than when looking at the RESI Partnering Platform. Over the 3 days of the event, 1600+ meetings were booked, with some companies booking as many as 34 meetings. The chart shows the breakdown of the meetings taking place – three quarters of which are investors and companies connecting, either for the first time, or continuing an existing dialog.

Numbers don’t lie, and the Digital RESI conference series continues to prove the importance of a partnering-focused event in moving the needle forward in the early-stage funding ecosystem.

If you missed Digital RESI June, don’t worry! Registration is open for RESI Partnering Week, September 13-17. Super early bird rates apply until July 23, so sign up and save!

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