Hot Investor Mandate: Seed Fund Connected to Major China VC Invests in Companies with China Market Potential, Open to All Sectors Within Life Sciences

17 Jun

A seed fund in collaboration with a major China venture capital firm manages over $1B has both USD funds and CNY funds. The firm has invested in over 700 portfolio companies, including over 60 life science companies. While open to growth stage companies, the firm prefers to get involved as early as possible, and ideally be the first institutional investor for its portfolio company. Initial sizes of investment can largely vary, but a typical allocation size is between $1 MM to $2 MM. The firm is very entrepreneurs friendly, and invests in companies across the globe.

The firm has a general interest in Therapeutics, Digital Health, MedTech, and Diagnostics.

The firm believes that great businesses start with exceptional founding teams and values the management team of a start-up more than anything else. The firm prefers companies with a Chinese angle.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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