Introducing the RESI Investor Program

24 Jun

By Dennis Ford, Founder and CEO of Life Science Nation, Creator of the LSN Partnering Conference Series

Investors are enthusiastically leveraging digital partnering to seek quality deal flow for potential investment, strategic partnership, in-licensing, and more. The new RESI Investor Program allows our global investor network an opportunity to vote for, support, and participate in the growth of Life Science Nation (LSN), RESI Partnering Week, and the early-stage community within life science and healthcare. RESI Investor Program participants can leverage LSN’s capability of sourcing high quality, under-the-radar companies to enhance deal flow.

LSN will deliver companies that are a fit for your mandates, as well as help limited partnerships for new initiatives, round out deal syndicates, or find partners for new funds. This program allows participants to leverage LSN’s ability to connect the dots with both buyers and sellers in the early-stage life science arena.

Through its products, services, and data, LSN acts as a match-making service – connecting companies to investors and strategic partners who are a fit for their product and stage of development. It is our hope you’ll find value in the new program. LSN values your partnership and wants to help further your investment theme and LSN’S mission – to advance deals that save lives.

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