Hot AI Mandate: Boston-based VC Seeks Digital Health Opportunities Utilizing AI or Big Data

25 Jun

A venture capital group based out of Boston seeks to make seed and venture equity investments in early stage digital health related companies, focusing on Seed to Series A rounds. The firm is recently making a transition into digital health with their new fund. The firm typically allocates between $100k-$500k USD in their initial investment, but has the capability to invest large amounts as well (their LPs put in $40Million USD as a follow on to one of their investments). The firm also has the option of making follow-on investments and for companies they think would do well in China, has many resources in China that they can leverage for portfolio companies interested in operating in China. The firm is geographically agnostic, but prefers to invest in companies that are based in the US.

The firm is looking for companies in the digital health space or technologies that utilize/integrate software, AI, big data, virtual reality, or analytics within the healthcare field. The firm prefers companies that don’t have to go through regulatory hurdles. In terms of indication, the firm is agnostic so long as there is a basis in digital health. However, the firm currently has a particular interest in senior care related technologies given the recent need in China.

The firm prefers companies and teams with strong science behind their technology. They prefer, but do not require companies that have an interest in working in China.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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