Hot Longevity Mandate: Japan-Based VC

13 Jul

A large pharmaceutical company headquartered in the US seeks to in-license assets and form partnerships with early-stage companies. For those fields, the firm is interested in first-in-class technology approaches and will invest in early companies with great science, from seed to series A. With their expansion to the US, the firm is now open to investing globally. The firm has generally led investments, but is willing to be part of a syndicate as well. The firm’s investments range based on the stage of the company, but will generally be no more than $5M for seed stage and no more than $10M for series A rounds.

Within therapeutics, the firm is open to both subsector and indication as long as the science is breakthrough. The firm is willing to invest earlier in platform technology companies, and will consider such technologies as early as POC stage. For companies with single assets in development, the firm prefers to see at least small animal data. For molecular diagnostics and digital health companies, the firm is opportunistic as well.

Because the firm invests early in companies with breakthrough science, they are willing to help their portfolio companies develop their strategies and operations. With its broad and trustful network with pharma companies, The firm helps portfolio companies’ boost their businesses development activities. The firm will take a board seat after investment if needed to help the company.

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