Meet the Faces of RESI Partnering Week

14 Jul

By Joey Wong, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

Panels during RESI Partnering Week, September 13 -17, are filling up with insightful investors and exceptional entrepreneurs! This 5-day partnering week consists of three different conferences, each featuring a series of exciting panels with different focuses within life sciences and healthcare.

1. Digital RESI September focuses on early-stage investment and the funding process across major sectors of healthcare and life sciences. Panelists from different investment groups are invited to provide tactical advice on outreach, positioning, and building the right relationships to move products forward.

2. RESI AI specifically targets Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in life sciences; investors are joined by CEOs of their portfolio companies to share perspectives on current technologies and founder-investor relationships.

3. RESI Longevity co-organized with Mary Furlong & Associates, concentrates on the start-up ecosystem, market overview and regulatory landscape of the age-tech and the longevity market.

With these timely topics, we look forward to dynamic conversations and are pleased to host these industry experts at RESI Partnering Week. Check out the preliminary panelist lineup below. If you would like to meet these panelists and be part of the discussion, register now for RESI Partnering Week and save $50 when you sign up by August 6.

Featured RESI Partnering Week Panelists

Espen Agdestein
Idekapital AS

Paul Barbeau
Noetic Fund

Kareem Barghouti
Co-Founder & CEO

Jeff Chang
Co-Founder & CPO
Rad AI

Alicia Chong Rodriguez
Founder & CEO

Marina Cortes
Venture Partner
Hike Ventures LLC

Colette Courtion

Payal Divakaran
.406 Ventures

Karen Dolva
Co-Founder & CEO
No Isolation

Robert Garber
7wire Ventures

Amit Garg
Managing Partner
Tau Ventures

Gary Gershony
BayMed Venture Partners

Lana Ghanem
Managing Director
Hikma Ventures

Jay Goss
General Partner
Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health

Richard Hanbury
Founder & CEO
Sana Health

Tai Harada
Vice President
Fast Track Initiative

Ozan Isinak
President, Central Canada
Keiretsu Forum

George Li
Managing Partner
Proxima Ventures

Neel Madhukar
OneThree Biotech

Saar Mahna
Founder & CEO
Banjo Health

Natalia Novac
Director, Emerging Technology & Innovation
Eli Lilly & Co

Michelle Perugini

Stephen Pitt, PhD
Head, JLABS US North East
Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Garrett Rhyasen
Executive Director, Global Head of Oncology Search & Evaluation, Business Development & Licensing

Caroline Sai
Head of Operations
Angels Santé

Maya Said
Founder, President & CEO
Outcomes4Me Inc

Diana Saraceni
Founder, Managing Director
Panakes Partners

Rose Spiegel
Co-Founder & CEO

Tom Stevens
Co-Founder & CEO

Harsh Vathsangam
Moving Analytics

Dalton Wright
Kickstart Fund

Derek Yuan
LYFE Capital

Lu Zhang
Managing Partner
Fusion Fund

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