Hot AI Mandate: Health System Subsidiary Make Strategic Investments in Technologies Related to Hospital Care

9 Aug

An investment group based in New York is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a health system. The firm engages in strategic investments across a wide variety of sectors to benefit the health system. The firm invests at a set pace with ~2 surgery centers being invested in per year and are currently looking to diversify their portfolio. The firm tends to invest in seed and pre-revenue rounds as their allocation size is on the smaller side, but is interested in revenue generating opportunities with smaller rounds. The firm is currently in the process of diversifying their portfolio and prefers investing in companies that are related to the health system in some way such as companies that the health system is a customer of, companies that have done clinical studies within the health system, etc.

The firm is particularly interested in technologies that can help them increase the quality of care, decrease the cost of care, and increase the access of services to populations which have been historically denied. Beyond that though, the firm is rather opportunistic within the healthcare IT, medical

The firm requires that companies have some sort of relationship with the hospital system or have the endorsement of the senior management of the health system.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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