Hot Longevity Mandate: Middle East Based Venture Fund

24 Aug

The firm is a global HealthTech and Life Sciences investment fund based in the Middle East. With approximately $1.3 billion AUM, the firm partners with outstanding entrepreneurs who harness groundbreaking science and technology to transform healthcare. Together with their portfolio companies, they work tirelessly to advance solutions that will help people live healthier, better lives. Multidisciplinary by nature, the team has been purpose-built to invest in the HealthTech and life sciences arena. The multidisciplinary team is composed of scientists, physicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors with global experience who are dedicated to science, medicine, and technology. When they partner with a company, they bring the power of their platform to assist management teams and support them as they execute their plans. Through their early stage fund, they invest in companies pursuing disruptive, cutting-edge technologies as early as sponsored research at top academic and clinical institutions to venture formation through seed investments and A rounds. The fund’s initial investments are typically in the range of $0.1-5 million, depending on the stage of the company, with significant amounts reserved for follow on investments in well performing portfolio companies. The growth fund invests in later-stage companies that are either generating revenue in growth rounds, pre-IPO rounds, or in pivotal clinical trials. The growth fund’s initial investments are typically in the range of $10-30 million.

The firm invests broadly in healthtech and life sciences, including therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health companies that address areas of unmet need. The firm has a strong interest in personalized, preventive, and precision medicine technologies and those that could improve access to care, quality of care, and cost of care.

The growth fund pursues investments in companies that are advancing the multi-omics revolution, personalizing medicine, expanding next-generation gene/cell therapy, engineering biology, and digitizing diagnostics. In Biotech and Medtech they get excited by companies that have achieved initial clinical proof of concept and can reach a significant efficacy readout over the next two years. In life science tools and diagnostics, they look for companies that have developed breakthrough instruments that are approaching or in the midst of beta testing and will begin commercialization shortly. In digital health they seek out companies that have achieved initial repeat revenues and are looking to scale commercially. At the early stage fund, they don’t define themselves by vertical, need, or even geographical boundaries but searching for transformational solutions to healthier lives and accelerated paths for value creation and building world-leading companies.

The firm seeks out great management teams that are smart problems solvers. The firm likes great technologies, but what really moves them is evidence of a highly compelling product-market fit. Market size is a consideration, but the firm cares much more about the ability to gain market access. More than momentary valuation, the firm focuses on the value that can be created by answering an unmet medical need.

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