Free Fundraising Bootcamp Today!

26 Aug

By Claire Jeong, Chief Conference Officer, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN


All Life Science Nation (LSN)’s services are dedicated to facilitating connections between early-stage life science companies and investors/strategic partners. To advance the mission of connecting companies and capital, as well as help more life science entrepreneurs prepare for global fundraising, we have organized and hosted several free Fundraising Bootcamps this summer.

These free Fundraising Bootamps are not only great sessions to familiarize oneself with LSN’s services that can be leveraged for fundraising efforts, such as the LSN Investor Database or RESI Partnering Week, September 13-17, but they also provide fundamental insights regarding the fundraising process, covering topics including:

  • Top 10 Common Myths in Fundraising
  • How to Prepare Your Messaging for Investor Outreach
  • How to Prepare for Meetings

Sign up for today’s free Fundraising Bootcamp at 2 PM EDT!

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