Hot AI Mandate: Big Pharma Backed VC Invests in Therapeutics Opportunities Globally

31 Aug

A Venture Capital company was founded in 1996 with offices in London, San Francisco and Geneva. The firm is currently making investments out of its $200 million life science focused fund. The fund is backed by Johnson and Johnson and GSK who are members of the fund’s Scientific Advisory Board. The firm’s investment size is variable although they look to invest in companies who are able to reach a substantial value inflection point and exit with $15-$20 million in total investment over 4-6 years. The firm is looking for companies located around the globe. The firm is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

The firm is currently seeking to invest in companies developing therapeutics. The firm is generally agnostics across indication areas and technology types and is open to reviewing small molecules and biologics as well as cell and gene therapy. The firm is looking for companies with a lead asset anywhere from the Pre-clinical phase to Phase II of clinical trials. The firm’s main investment strategy is to back/create virtual companies focused around a single therapeutic asset. The firm is able to invest in particularly early stages of companies working with antibodies and biologics as they have significant domain expertise in these areas. For companies working with novel mechanisms of action the firm requires there be a strong understanding of the underlying sciences, and for companies working with pre-existing pathways or technologies there must be clear evidence of differentiation.

The firm is looking for companies where the founders have some involvement, either in management or as advisors/consultants to ensure the project as the scientific support required to succeed. The firm looks to play an active role in companies and takes a board seat following investment. The firm is willing to invest in both private and publically held companies.

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