Hot AI Mandate: VC Established by Large Health Insurer Makes Strategic Investments in Digital Health and Care Delivery

5 Oct

A $50 million venture fund was established the largest health insurer in the state. The focus of the initiative is to develop a portfolio of investments that, as a whole, focus on improving the national health care market, enhance the core business of the company and generate revenue.

These strategic investments are expected to be integrated into the company as part of its overall long-term strategy. The firm prefers to syndicate with a strong lead investor in a financing round and expects to make 5 – 7 new investments of $0.5-2 million in the coming year. The firm considers opportunities across the US and around the world with preference given to companies in the middle of the country.

The firm is interested in digital health technologies and care delivery models that can improve healthcare. The firm prefers products with prototype and customer traction.

The firm would like to be a strategic partner, as a payer, for startups. The firm prefers early-stage teams backed by experienced management, supported by reputable early-stage VC and/or angel groups that have a history of follow-on investments in Series A and B.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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