Hot Investor Mandate: Corporate Venture Firm Interested in Seed to Series A Digital Health Companies Working on Better Data Collection, Remote Monitoring, Etc.

7 Oct

A corporate venture firm located in the USA has 4 area of focus: fintech, digital health, data analytics and insurtech. The firm has made 36 investments total and the average check size is around $1M in Seed or Series A rounds. The firm’s capital structure is typically SAFEs and priced rounds. The firm also has a second venture fund of $5M for Pre-seed and Seed rounds, and this fund is exclusively for companies located in their state. The firm invests across the US and Canada.

The firm’s main areas of focus are fintech, digital health, data analytics and insurtech. Since the firm is a branch of a legacy life insurance company, within the insurtech and fintech sectors, the firm focuses on the evolution of the consumer wallet and how they can develop new products in partnership with startups. Within the digital health sector, the firm focuses on data collection and items that can influence their underwriting models, electronic med records, wearables, remote monitoring devices, and the firm is looking more into implantables in the future. The firm isn’t interested in physician scaling tools, or any companies focused solely on hardware. The firm is open to pre-prototype companies.

The firm looks for diverse management teams, with 2 or 3 founders. The firm likes to see subject matter expertise, traction in product development or alpha/beta testing, and repeat founders are a plus, but not required. The firm also looks for a strong advisor team. The firm typically co-invests.

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