Global Tech Hub Gathering at Digital RESI Nov. 16-18

21 Oct

By Candice He, Global Investment Strategist, LSN

As a global fundraising platform dedicated to connecting early-stage life science companies with investors and strategic partners, Life Science Nation (LSN) consistently hosts attendees from more than thirty countries at its partnering events. At Digital RESI November 16-18, we are offering two programs to accelerate Tech Hub involvement and wire them into the RESI investor community:

  • 50% discount on any RESI conference registration for early-stage constituent companies from participating Tech Hubs
  • RESI Live Agenda feature and dedicated landing page showcasing their programs
  • Group fundraising package for early-stage companies to access the LSN Investor Database ($6,995) and RESI registration ($795) with a pitch slot in the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge ($500) for only $1,500

Are you involved with a tech hub that could benefit from the RESI community? Contact us to learn more about our offerings and how we can help you reach your fundraising goals.

To help startups that are new to early-stage fundraising gain tactical partnering skills, LSN will offer two complimentary virtual Fundraising Bootcamps. The following topics will be covered in each hour-long webinar:

  • Debunking the Top 10 Myths in Early-Stage Fundraising
  • How to Get Your Global Target List of Life Science Investors
  • Partnering Strategy: Preparing for Your Investor Meetings
October 28, Thursday, 11 AM EDT Register Here
November 4, Thursday, 2 PM EDT Register Here

Partial List of Confirmed Tech Hub Participants


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