Hot AI Mandate: CA-based Private Investment Group Interested in Digital Health and Medtech, Including Big Data & AI

26 Oct

A private/family investment vehicle based in CA is making seed investments via an accelerator arm, and also has a stage-agnostic fund. Seed investments are typically $25,000-100,000, and the firm is capable of making larger investments via the fund. The firm also provides a three-month accelerator program, and works with partners in the healthcare industry to strategically invest in startups. The firm will consider investing in companies worldwide.

The firm is interested in investing in digital health and medical technology, and invests in subsectors in which the firm and its industry partners can apply expertise; within medical devices, typically this means products that have a significant software component, including biosensors, wearables and health monitoring devices. Within digital health, the firm’s interests include the following areas: Care Management, Hospital Workflow, Diagnostics, A.I. & Big Data, Population Health, Patient Adherence, Telemedicine. The firm is interested in both consumer applications and enterprise software. The firm works with strategic partners (including major pharma companies and health systems) to identify focus areas for innovation.

The firm prefers to invest in companies with at least two co-founders, one with technical expertise and one with business expertise; for the accelerator program in particular, the firm prefers to work with companies that have a technical expert co-founder. In addition to due diligence on the management team and technology, the firm also considers a product’s potential market

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