Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based Genetic Screening Company Interested in Investing and Partnering with Molecular Diagnostics Companies, Investing Up to $30M

28 Oct

A company specializing in genetic screens, headquartered in the USA is interested in nearly all types of molecular diagnostics and the technologies that support them. The firm is willing to consider co-development or investment, and will generally invest in later stages (Series B or later), which may lead to an acquisition at a later stage of development. For strategic research collaboration, for example, the company may be willing to commit funds anywhere from US$5-30M, and will look at companies all across the globe, but has focused thus far on US, Europe, Asia and Israel.

While the firm thus far has focused solely on genomics, the company is interested in nearly all types of molecular diagnostics. Currently, their indications of interest include mental health, oncology, and women’s health, with screens in ob/gyn and breast and ovarian cancers, in addition to prostate cancer screens. For now, the firm prefers to stay within those indications of interest. In addition to new technologies in molecular diagnostics (e.g., next-generation sequencing, multi-omics), the company is also interested in sample preparation (such as sequencing technologies) and liquid-based tests.

The firm is looking to partner with or invest in early stage companies that either have some market traction, or have significant scientific data or an award or grant from the NIH or other similar institutions. The company also looks for companies that have a solid IP position for their technology.

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