Hot Investor Mandate: European Investment Firm Invests in Novel Therapies in Oncology and Genetic Diseases, Invests Up to $30M Over the Company’s Lifespan

2 Dec

A global investor, headquartered in Europe that was previously focused on oncology has expanded their investments to genetic diseases with its new fund. The firm makes selective investments in newly founded or early-stage platform companies that apply novel science and innovative technologies to bring first-in-class drug candidates to patients. Typically, the firm invests in incorporated companies from seed stage onwards. The investment size will vary, and it can invest $25-30M over the lifetime of the companies. The firm has no geographic restriction and is actively seeking new investment opportunities across the globe.

In the life sciences, the firm is currently seeking new investments targeting the development of oncology therapies and therapeutics targeting genetic diseases, and is open to all types of therapeutic modalities and all indications relevant to those spaces, including platform technologies. The firm will typically not invest in medical devices or diagnostics, unless as companion to a therapeutic solution. Project will be evaluated on solid preclinical proof-of-concept (late preclinical stage/pre-IND or early clinical), and will often fund the companies at least up to human proof-of-concept (clinical Phase Ib – Phase IIa).

The firm only invests in private companies with experienced management teams and breakthrough potential. The firm most often takes the responsibility to be lead investor, alone or in syndicate as the opportunity demands, and wants to be actively involved in the successful development and growth of the portfolio companies. To this end, the firm has several experts in oncology and genetic diseases, intellectual property and drug development on the investment team and available to the portfolio companies.

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