LSN Strikes Again, with a Content Only $250 Audience Access Ticket (AAT) to RESI June

2 Jun

By Dennis Ford, Founder and CEO of Life Science Nation, Creator of the RESI Conference Series

During Covid, Life Science Nation (LSN) changed the partnering landscape and emphatically proved that virtual “matched” meetings could thrive and deals could get done. LSN is leading the way again with this special $250 ticket aimed at scientist-entrepreneurs and first-time fundraising CEOs. Many of these players lack a support system to help them navigate the move from academia to a commercial startup entity. In many instances, they underestimate the critical importance of sales, marketing, and business development even at an early stage, and lack a marketing budget putting conferences out of reach.

With the Audience Access Ticket, these companies gain live access to RESI’s numerous panels, workshops, and pitch sessions, allowing them to benefit from investors, industry experts and successful entrepreneurs providing insights that can help them understand what they need to make the best impression in their fundraising campaigns. In addition to the live access, users also get access to all recordings for an additional three weeks following the conference.

Dennis Ford, Founder and CEO of LSN statesExposing the startup executives to the LSNs global network early on in the partnering process through an Audiences Access Ticket, will really flip a few switches on in their heads. They will be able to see firsthand how other entrepreneurs have successfully executed their global partnering campaigns.  Seeing is believing, and early stage entrepreneurs need to observe how other entrepreneurs prepare for events like RESIs Innovator’s Pitch Challenge and hear directly from scientist-entrepreneurs and fundraising CEOs in the Tales From The Road panels. LSN has been delivering a line-up of the who’s who of capital investors and licensing partners who participate on panels aimed at providing entrepreneurs with insight as to how they fill their investment mandates for portfolio companies and how Pharma business development executives source and license technology assets for their product pipelines.”

Candice He, LSN’s VP of Business Development says “Providing access to the 16 capital investor and licensing partner panels is exactly what is needed for these first-time entrepreneurs to cross the chasm and get serious about their partnering initiatives. LSN believes that we have an invaluable content resource that we need to share that and get the early stage executives immersed in the partnering marketplace.“

RESI is unique in that its main draw is its match-based partnering platform. Most other life science conferences use content as the lead draw and partnering secondary.  However that doesn’t change the fact that RESI content is also world class. Because RESI is a dedicated partnering event, its content is 100% partnering oriented, and all the panels and workshops revolve around investors and licensing partners educating entrepreneurs on how they source and evaluate, and their process of doing business with startups.  Plugging into this network, even at the earliest stages, allows companies to get a head start on learning who the key players are, and can help them more easily navigate their future partnering campaigns. Learn more about each content feature of the Audience Access pass and register today for a special $250 offer!

Digital RESI June 7-9, 2022 Agenda
Tuesday (6/7) Wednesday (6/8) Thursday (6/9)
10AM EDT IPC Session #1 Therapeutics IPC Session #4 Therapeutics IPC Session #8 AI (Devices & Digital Health)
11AM EDT Beyond Big Pharma
Partnering & Perspectives from Small and Mid-Sized Biotech
AI vs. Life Science
Which Comes First in Early-Stage Investment?
Age-Tech Care Management
Technology Improving the Lives of Older Adults
12PM EDT Keeping Your Life Science Startup Out of the “Valley of Death” Negotiating Term Sheets: What’s Best for the Company and What’s Best for You? SEEDing Biomedical Innovation: Support for Small Businesses at NIH
1PM EDT Angel Investors
Explaining the Process of Engagement
Corporate VC
The Changing Landscape & New Opportunities
Impact Investors
More Than Financial Returns
IPC Session #2 Medical Devices IPC Session #5 Medical Devices IPC Session #9 Therapeutics and R&D Services
2PM EDT The Neuroscience of Aging
Aging Impact on the Nervous System
Asia Cross-Border
Building Global Partnerships
Team, Tech, and Traction in Early-Stage AI
Building Your Startup as a Triple Threat
3PM EDT Fundraising Bootcamp IPC Session #4 Therapeutics Software-Enabled Medical Devices
Investing at the Intersection of Digital Health and Medtech
4PM EDT Tales from the Road: AI Innovation in Healthcare
Standing Out in a Growing Field
Tales from the Road: Age-Related Diseases
Developing Prevention & Treatments
Tales from the Road: Biotech and MedTech Innovators
Entrepreneurs on Their Fundraising Journey
5PM EDT IPC Session #3 Devices & Diagnostics IPC Session #7 AI (Devices & Digital Health) IPC Session #10 Therapeutics

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