Hot Investor Mandate: PE Firm With China Offices Invests Up to $20M in Late-Stage Therapeutic Assets and Other Technologies Close to Commercialization

9 Jun

A private equity firm with offices China makes late venture and growth stage investments exclusively in the life sciences and has invested in nearly 50 companies to date. The firm’s target investment size is USD 15-20 million per company and typically USD 5 million for cross-border investments. The firm primarily focuses on opportunities in China; however the firm is also interested in companies abroad that have a strong China angle or China strategy in near term (target market, R&D/manufacturing, sales, etc). The firm is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

The firm seeks to invest in late-stage assets that are on market or close to commercialization. The firm is interested in therapeutics/pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and healthcare services. For therapeutics, the firm will consider small molecules and biologics as well as biosimilars and reformulated drugs. At minimum, the product should be in Phase III of clinical trials. The firm may look at Phase II candidates that have a relatively less complicated clinical trial. For example, the firm will not consider biologics in Phase II. For indications, the firm focuses on products that address a large unmet medical need in China. This includes diabetes, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, liver, and degenerative diseases. For medical devices, the firm is opportunistic in terms of subsectors. Similar to therapeutics, the firm focuses on indications relevant to China. The firm looks for devices that are very close to market or market approved.

The firm is only interested in companies that have a strong China angle or strategy. The firm typically seeks board representation post-investment.

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