Hot Investor Mandate: Life Science Focused Venture Fund Looks for Novel Therapeutics and Platform Technologies and Digital Health, Especially Those Interested in Expanding to Japanese Market

21 Jul

A newly established venture capital firm manages a fund dedicated specifically to life science investments. Though it could largely vary on a deal-by-deal basis, the firm’s initial size of investment is usually around $1M, with a significant portion dedicated to follow-on investments. Geographically, the firm is focused on companies headquartered in Japan and those that are looking to expand into the Japanese market.

The firm is most interested in biotech and digital health technologies. The firm is very interested in emerging therapeutic technologies such as cell and gene therapy, as well as platform technologies. With regards to digital health technologies, the firm is most interested in (i) IT solutions for people in terms of health management, disease prevention, diagnosis, therapy, disease management, and nursing care; (ii) healthcare industry in terms of drug discovery & development, medical information, distribution system by leveraging AI, big data, IoT, VR, etc. The firm is opportunistic in terms of stage, and will seek opportunities that are pre-clinical and beyond.

The firm is actively seeking opportunities in Japan and those that are looking to expand into Japan. The firm will prefer to lead investments in companies headquartered in Japan where they can best leverage their resources and network, but will generally follow larger syndicates for deals outside of Japan.

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