Hot Investor Mandate: VC Firm in US With Billions AUM Invests Across All Life Science Modalities Across the Globe, With Strong Focus on Early-Stage Technologies

15 Sep

A VC firm headquartered in US has over USD 2.8 billion in assets under management, the firm will consider participating in financing companies throughout all stages but tends to prefer those that are early stage. The firm currently manages a variety of funds and invests in early-stage startups out of a dedicated fund with typical allocations between $150-500k. The firm utilizes various capital structures as determined on a case- by-case basis and has experience with equity investments, debt, convertible loans, and SAFEs. The firm focuses on investment quality over quantity and likes to emphasize being a globally connected firm that will invest regardless of geography.

The firm focuses on markets and founders that are developing technologies with long-term value and growth potential. In the life sciences, the firm is completely sector agnostics and will invest across all modalities within biotechnology, medical technology, digital health, and diagnostics. The firm tends to have a higher bar for biotech and pharma investments compared to the other life science modalities. The firm is phase agnostic and will invest in pre-clinical to on the market therapeutics as well as in development to on the market devices. The firm will invest in all classes of medical devices including Class II (510k) and Class III (PMA). The firm is disease agnostic and will consider companies across all indications.

The firm will work with both experienced and inexperienced management teams that are made up of smart and driven people that are passionate and knowledgeable about their company and technology. The firm will take a board seat as determined on a case-by-case basis and will participate as both a lead and co-investor.

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