The Power of an Evolving Pitch

3 Nov

By Karen Deyo, Director of Investor Research, Israel BD, LSN

The RESI conference schedule is based on the reality that startups need to connect with investors multiple times over the course of a year to build and maintain relationships to close fundraising deals. The power of RESI is not just in the chance to meet with an ever-rotating list of new and familiar faces, but also to gauge the traction of your pitch as your company grows and develops.

A company’s pitch is always evolving – as you advance and achieve milestones, necessary pivots, and strategy changes based on your product development, you hone your story. As your story shifts, you start the process anew to find what message resonates the most with your investor audience. As frustrating as it may seem, attending frequent events and taking as many meetings as possible is a necessary step to gaining valuable feedback, as well as allowing you to close your deals.

Digital RESI, November 15-16, is focused entirely on virtual partnering – register today to request meetings with these investors  to make connections. RESI JPM is just around the corner, Life Science Nation (LSN)’s biggest event of the year – don’t miss out on your chance to hone your pitch before then!



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