Hot Investor Mandate: VC Invests Up to $15M Exclusively in Life Sciences Companies, Most Interested in Novel Therapeutics With China Market Potential

10 Nov

An investment firm headquartered in China invests in Chinese companies, or companies outside of China looking to enter the Chinese market. The firm invests solely in the life sciences, with most (~70%) of their investments in therapeutics companies, and the rest in medical device companies. For most of their investments, the firm participates in the first institutional round, investing between $7-15M, or the equivalent in RMB. The firm invests early, and in some cases acts as a venture builder as well as an investor.

The firm is primarily interested in therapeutics companies, with over half of their investments in this space. The firm is opportunistic in terms of indication, but is especially interested in new modalities within therapeutics, such as cell and gene therapies, or therapeutics in areas with high barriers to entry. For medical devices, the firm prefers technologies relating to surgical robotics and minimally invasive procedures.

The firm is an active investor, almost always taking a board seat and using their network to help the companies advance. This can come in the form of helping them round out their management team, or, if the company is looking to enter the China market, through joint ventures or help navigating the regulatory requirements.

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