Hot Investor Mandate: Early-Stage Life Science Investment Group Seeks Opportunities Primarily in Therapeutics, Devices, and Diagnostics, and Can Invest in Financing Rounds Up to $20M

17 Nov

An active early-stage life science development group founded by a private company currently backs more than 15 programs and companies, based on technologies and assets developed internally or in-licensed from academic medical institutions. The most advanced company in the portfolio has completed a Series D round, and total investment across all technologies exceeds $150 million. The firm has a dual development strategy. The firm partners with academic inventors to found, manage, and develop companies to a point of exit or strategic partnering. When founding companies, the firm leverages non-dilutive grant funding where available alongside their investment group. The firm can also support early clinical-stage companies looking for financial and management support to perform clinical proof of concept studies; specifically a combination of investor funding and management support to round out the capabilities of the existing team. The firm and its affiliated investor groups have the ability to lead investment rounds of up to $20 million while also providing any required management support through its experienced team, including in preclinical, clinical and business development.

The firm invests across the biosciences space including Therapeutics, Diagnostics, and Medical Devices although the primary focus is on Therapeutics. The group is opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications. Historically, the group has been active with companies developing novel therapeutics including drugs for defending against inhaled pathogenic threats, treatment of asthma, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and hearing loss, a biomedical assay platform technology, molecular diagnostics, antioxidant nanoparticles, robotic and imaging technologies, and cardiovascular devices.

The firm is interested in connecting with companies looking to generate clinical proof-of-concept data and that require funding as well as management support to complement the existing team. We are especially interested in companies that may have an interest in relocating to Houston.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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