Introducing IPC Pitch Judges at RESI JPM San Francisco

29 Dec

By Joey Wong, Investor Research Analyst, Hong Kong BD, LSN

The Life Science Nation (LSN)‘s RESI JPM San Francisco 2023 is only less than two weeks away! For this conference, the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC) is especially popular and we are featuring over 50 presenting startups from across 14 sessions, each focusing on a specific sector/subsector. The LSN team has been very busy recruiting for active investors and industry experts to join the pitch judge panels. The investor and industry experts were invited to sessions based on their experience, investment interest and expertise. The judges will listen to 4-minutes of company pitches and have 8-9 minutes to engage in Q&A and provide feedback to the pitching companies.

Below is a partial list of IPC pitch judges at RESI San Francisco. Sign up for RESI SF 2023 to join them!

Brent Ahrens
General Partner
Canaan Partners

Ivneet Bhullar
Fusion Fund

Jian Cao
Sr Research Manager & Technical Fellow

Evan Caplan
OrbiMed Advisors LLC

Dipty Desai
Co-Chair, TiE Global Health
TiE Angels

Karen Drexler
Life Science Councils
Astia Angels

Gary Gershony
BayMed Venture Partners

Anton Gopka
CEO and General Partner
ATEM Capital

Linda Greub
General Partner
Avestria Ventures

Michael Hansen
Innovation Scouting Director – North America

Dave Hood
West Coast Outreach
Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC)

Melya Hughes Crameri
Managing Director
Awen GmbH

Tomoko Ishikura
Kicker Ventures

Elizabeth Kayser
Barrington Angels

Moazam Khan
Business Advisor
Velocity Incubator

John Kim
Aphelion Capital, LLC

Kristin King
Boston Harbor Angels

Bill Mantzoutsos
Angel Investor

Linda Maxwell
Biomedical Zone

James Mayer
Senior Manager, Investment & Venture Services
Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI)

Matthew McNamara
Chief Investment Officer
Horizon 3 Biotech

Brian Meshkin
Managing Partner
Profound Ventures

Ting Pau Oei
Venture Partner
Gore Range Capital

Daniel Parera
Kurma Partners

Diana Saraceni
Founder, Managing Director
Panakes Partners

Eran Steinberg
Imaging Arts

Lu Wang
Foothill Ventures

Kyoko Watanabe
Managing Director
DEFTA Partners

Tad Weems
Managing Director
Agilent Technologies

Travis Whitfill
Bios Partners


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