Hot Investor Mandate: USA-Based Venture Capital Firm Invests in Early-Stage Therapeutics, Diagnostics, and Life Science Tools With Strong Intellectual Property

5 Jan

A venture capital firm focuses on early-stage diagnostics, life science research tools, and biotech-related companies. The firm’s target initial investment size is $1-$2M. The firm prefers to act as the co-investor with other types of investors such as strategic partners. The firm invests in companies that are based in the US. The firm is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

In the life sciences, the firm is currently seeking to invest in early-stage diagnostics, life science research tools, and biotech-related companies. The firm will invest in a limited number of therapeutic opportunities.  The firm is opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications. The firm will consider investing in companies that have strong intellectual property protection and provide barriers to competitive entry. The firm also seeks companies with potential large addressable markets, which typically have the potential to generate at least $50M of annual revenues.

The firm backs management teams that listen to the market, develop new products to provide customer value by meeting unmet needs and/or delivering an order of magnitude improvement to the customer. They focus on CEOs that are driven to deliver exceptional investment returns to both investors and management teams.

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