NEW! Global Partnering Campaign & Roadshow Preparation Entrepreneurial Education Series

2 Feb

By Caitlin Dolegowski, Marketing Manager, LSN

2023 is an important year for LSN’s Entrepreneurial Education programs. We have devised 16+ focused and very practical 1-hour classes that address genuine issues facing startups. At Digital RESI March Life Science Nation will be offering an educational track for the first time, consisting of 6 focused classes over 3 days and covering topics:

It All Starts with The Story

Tuesday, March 14, 11 AM EDT

The most successful entrepreneurs are always the best storytellers. Finding a way to naturally formulate your company’s unique story and portraying this through multiple modalities whether it be a 1-minute elevator pitch, or a 12-slide pitch deck is one of the most effective ways to get potential investors and partners on board with your value proposition. This bootcamp will cover the importance of entrepreneurial agency, finding your voice and developing a compelling narrative for the different players that will emerge along a deal chain, and language tools to refine your hook.

First-Time CEOs: Avoiding Pitfalls

Tuesday, March 14, 12 PM EDT

This session will cover some of the most common pitfalls that catch first-time and serial entrepreneurs off guard. From false premise and being tentative to surrounding yourself with executives that do not have augmentative and complimentary skillsets, there are many things that can slow the growth of your early-stage life science entity. By learning how to avoid these issues and not run yourself over, your chances of making it to the market will increase greatly.

Tagline & Elevator Pitch

Wednesday, March 15, 11 AM EDT

Distilling your company identity into a 5–7-word tagline and then expanding upon that in a 5-7 sentence elevator pitch is one of the most fundamental business development skills that early-stage entrepreneurs must master when launching global partnering campaigns. Join us to learn how to develop a compelling tagline and convincing elevator pitch to grip the attention of your target investors and licensing partners.

Executive Summary & Tear Sheet

Wednesday, March 15, 12 PM EDT

This session will cover how to develop a compelling 2-page executive summary and 1-page tear sheet, two of the most important materials to have at the ready for interested investors and licensing partners. While the executive summary covers a deeper dive into your company’s history, product, and management team, the tear sheet can be used to synthesize all of the most important elements of your company in 5-10 minutes (ideal for partners looking to skim through a document).

Pitch Deck & The 10 Myths of Fundraising

Thursday, March 16, 11 AM EDT

The pitch deck is the final piece of marketing collateral (having previously established your tagline, elevator pitch, executive summary, and tear sheet) that can help cogently tell your company’s unique story and highlight its key value points. As the pitch deck is one of the most requested materials by investors and licensing partners, this session will also cover the 10 myths of fundraising to help elucidate some common misconceptions when launching global campaigns.

Strategies for Successful Partnering

Thursday, March 16, 12 PM EDT

Take a deep dive into your outreach campaign. Learn more about our proven successful strategy and how to craft your messages from your initial outreach and each follow up message after that.

Additionally, this registration includes access to investor panels, pitch sessions and workshops live or recorded for $295. (No Partnering)


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